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TRANKWEAR Tranks Boxer Briefs Underwear
Our Price: $19.95
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Patent Design That Puts Health First
  • Patent pending design puts your health first
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Imported
  • 95% cotton/ 5% Elastane
  • Counter cooling technology maximizes breathability, vitality, and testosterone production...Naturally!
TRANKS uses a natural counter current cooling technology to potentially increase testosterone, virility, and may decrease the risk of testicular cancer... NATURALLY. TRANKS was invented by a surgeon here in the USA and is currently family owned and operated. We are located in Nashville, TN. Music City! -Just as in surgery, form follows function. - I am a Plastic Surgeon in Nashville, TN. I hate underwear, but I love the human body. -Tranks- No chaffing, no sticking, no bunching, and the perfect temperature for you and your manhood. Maximize your natural testosterone production and potentially decrease your risk of cancer... naturally. Given all of the different instruments that I use in any given operation, I specifically wanted to know more about product development. How did a person get from product inception to the product that I was using in the OR. I am familiar with some very complex devices that might take years to understand, so... I started small- underwear. Form should follow function. Every company (Jockey, Calvin Klein, Under Armour, Lululemon, 2xist, Saxx, Tommy John, Exoficio, etc) promoted their innovative new blend of material, but there was almost no difference in the design and construction between companies. And this design hasn't really changed in the last 100 years. -What does a man really need from his underwear? Whether I'm exercising or walking around the hospital, my thighs rub together and that eventually hurts, so they should prevent thigh to thigh chaffing and should not bunch or ride up. (that eliminates boxers and briefs) Regardless of whether you're sitting or active, no one wants their manhood stuck to their thighs. I demand that sticking not be a part of my underwear experience. (that eliminates boxers and most boxer briefs) I don't want to fear my zipper.... (commando is out) I don't like having my manhood crushed against me, and then told it's support...#tranks #HowDoYouTrank
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